Returns & Refunds Policy

A Customer has a right to exchange delivered goods to items of different size, form, colour, model or complexity or to return goods he dislikes. This right can be exercised within 7 days from the moment of delivery. An exchange or return is possible only when exchanged or returned goods meet these requirements:
a) were not used;
b) were not spoilt or damaged;
c) consumption and usage functions were preserved;
d) marketable appearance was preserved.

In all cases goods must be returned in original package including attached or manufacturers’ labels and stickers. A client must present purchase documents when returning goods. 

Certain types of goods cannot be returned or exchanged except cases when they have obvious manufacturing defects.  
These goods include: 
a) beauty goods: scissors, tweezers, etc.; 
b) body jewellery: navel rings, tongue rings, lip rings, etc.; 
c) underwear, clothes, bed sheets for kids. 
(Please refer to Terms & Conditions, VI- Return Policy, section 4)

In order to return goods an e-mail request should be sent to: We will send you a returns Form which you have to complete and send back with the goods. Every case is carried out individually. In cases when goods are returned for refund only without a wish to exchange then a sum paid for ordered goods is refunded not later than 14 days from the moment receives returned items. Please be aware - a sum paid for delivery of goods is non-refundable.